• Highlights of Nov. 12 CTCI Video Board Meeting

    Treasurers report: John Kledis reported that we made a little money (separate from the Investments) for the past 2 months and therefore we are very nearly at breakeven for the year.  We need to continue to attract new members if we are going to remain “in the black”.  The Board approved two additional items:

    • to reallocate ...
  • Highlights of CTCI Board Video Conference October 8, 2021
    • John Kledis reported that for the past 2 months we have been at near breakeven. We need to continue to attract new members if we are going to remain “in the black”.


    • The Board Certified the CTCI Board of Directors Election. The Election was observed by Chairman Emeritus Bob Witt and Director-At-Large John Smith.  The Election ...
  • Candidates for CTCI Board of Directors

    Region 1 Director

    Darcy Knapp

    Darcy Knapp, History:
    We started with our first basket T-Bird in 1990 and could not find help or support. We actually met members of the ...

  • CTCI Launches Galactic Virtual Convention

    CTCI Launches a Galactic Virtual Convention for 2021


    Cybird SpaceA full year of virtual fun and Chapter activities with Social Distancing in mind! All Thunderbirds are welcome. Submit your best T-Bird pix into your favorite category. All submissions ...

  • Virtual Convention T-Shirt Available!

    2021 Cybirdspace Virtual Convention T-Shirt now available!  Just $19.95 plus shipping.  Order at the new CTCI Store:  https://store.ctci.org/

  • Highlights of CTCI Board Video Conference June 11, 2021

    >     Investment Committee Chair – Gaylan Abood presented an update of the RFP (Request for Proposal) process regarding how the funds from the sale of the building will be invested. The RFP was sent to a select group prospective investment managers. The Investment Committee has received back responses and has reduced the list to ...

  • Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting ~ May 14, 2021
    • *Investment Committee Chair – Gaylan Abood and President Brian Carron presented the Investment Committee proposal. The Investment Plan includes three parts:
      • ^Part 1 – Investment Plan Organizational Document – This is the cornerstone document which spells out how the investment LLC is managed and owned by CTCI
      • ^Part 2 – Investment Policy – The policy outlines the: ...
  • Signal Hill Building Sold

    I am pleased to announce that on Friday, April 30th, 2021, the sale was completed.  The sale culminates a multi-year effort initiated in 2019.  Over the past several months, we were very engaged in a back and forth negotiation process to include assisting the buyer’s bank and the title company with their due diligence ...

  • Thunderbird Appreciation Day – May 16 2021


    Over four million Thunderbirds were produced but they are still a rare sight on our roads. Join other Thunderbird owners around the world as members of the Classic Thunderbird Club International and Vintage Thunderbird ...

  • Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting

    Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting

    (March 12, 2021)

    1. President Brian Carron presented status updates on open items:
      1. There is an interested party in acquiring the Signal Hill property. They have entered in the escrow process but do have contingencies. As with any property transfer, we remain cautiously optimistic that the sale will proceed ...
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