• CTCI Election Results
    First off we would like to thank all of the members for voting in the election.  We would also like to thank the individual candidates for willingness to serve CTCI.
    The CTCI election has concluded, ballots counted, and the results have been tabulated.  The motion to affirm the move CTCI Corporation to Wyoming has passed.  John ...
  • CTCI International Convention Canceled

    CTCI International Convention – Canceled


    The following message is from the Trail Birds of Southwest Florida:

    “It is with sincere regret that the Trail Birds of Southwest Florida, LLC (Trail Birds) must give notice to you and the CTCI Board of Directors that after months of discussion and deliberation the Trail Birds Board of Directors ...

  • Election Update
    Notice to all members:   On 9/22/20, Fred Artus officially sent in notice to withdraw his candidacy for the Board Position,  Director At Large.   We recognize that this notice has occurred during the election period, and a significant amount of members have already voted.

    Garrett Shropshire
    CTCI Office
  • Candidates for CTCI Board of Directors

    Region 2 Director:  Kerry M. Kravik
    Unopposed-Elected by Acclamation

    I would like to announce my candidacy as Director for Region 2 of the Classic Thunderbird Club International.

    Taking after my Dad, I developed a love affair with Fords and two-seat Thunderbirds at an early age.  In junior high school I helped my Dad restore a 1963 Ford Falcon ...

  • Member Survey Completed

    Great news, we have completed the first ever online member survey. We were lucky to have over 44% of all members with email addresses responding, and we have received a lot of good information. It is clear from the survey that our members really like our club and would overwhelmingly recommend it to their friends.

    Over ...

  • Announcement of New Directors

    We want all of the members to know that we have filled all of the vacancies on the CTCI Board.  We now have two new Directors serving.  Darcy Knapp is representing Region 1, and Ed Benson is our new Director at Large.  I join all of our members and welcome Darcy and Ed to the ...

  • Birds on the Bay – 2021 International Convention

    We are delighted to announce the 2020 CTCI International Convention ‘Birds on the Bay’ has been rescheduled and will be held April 20-24, 2021.

    Headquarters Hotel:  Hyatt Regency Sarasota

    The new registration form is expected to be available by early November.  Watch the Early Bird and check back here for additional information as it becomes available.



  • Important Announcement: 2020 International Convention

    Dear CTCI Members,

    During this time of nationwide concern and uncertainty over the coronavirus known as COVID-19, we want to assure you that the health, safety, and wellness of the Thunderbird community is of the utmost priority of the CTCI Board of Directors and the Trail Birds of Southwest Florida’s Board of Directors. Just as most ...

  • Thunderbird Appreciation Day – May 17

    Over four million Thunderbirds were produced but they are still a rare sight on our roads. Join other Thunderbird owners around the world as members of the Classic Thunderbird Club International and Vintage Thunderbird Club International celebrate these iconic cars.

    Just take your Thunderbird out into the public. Attend a cars-n-coffee, picnic in the park, stop ...

  • CTCI Election Results

    Congratulations to the newly elected CTCI Directors and thanks to all the candidates for volunteering to serve the CTCI membership!

    Complete Election Results:

    Region 1
    Patrick LeStrange     165
    Al Robinson     132

    Region 3
    Cathy Stubbs     191
    Mike McLucas     147

    Region 5
    Brian Carron     175

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