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1: Northeast

CTCI Chapters – Region 1 (Northeast)

Director: Darcy Knapp (Email)

Chapters in grey are currently Inactive


44 Connecticut Area Classic T-Birds

112 Connecticut Thunderbirds, Incorporated



11 Classic Thunderbirds of New England

111 Thunderbirds of Western New England

New Hampshire


New Jersey

38 Garden State Thunderbird Club

41 New Jersey Open Road Thunderbird Club 

 New York

28 Thunderbird Club of Western New York

49 Thunderbird Owners of New York

57 New York Early Bird Club

71 Buffalo Classic Thunderbird Club

110 Classic Thunderbirds of Hudson Valley


13 Classic Thunderbird Club of Delaware Valley

31 Pitt Birds Classic Thunderbird Club

42 Keystone Mini Birds

58 Classic Thunderbird Club of Lehigh Valley

92 Susquehanna Valley Classic T-Bird Club

104 Red Rose Classic Thunderbird Club

Rhode Island