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Invoice Sales

Factory Invoice Sales

To quote Scott McGilvray from his 1991 EarlyBird article, “Many of us have purchased the factory invoices for our cars. Having them gives us a sense of completeness. We have information that legitimizes our cars. With it we can say with certainty that it came that way from the factory.”

Almost 60 years ago, members of CTCI’s Chapter 5, The American Road Thunderbird Club, saved as many of the original invoices as they could from being sent to Ford Motor Company’s shredder.

As a result of their efforts, we have Thunderbird invoices for the 1955 models after serial number 232214 and substantially all of the 1956 and 1957 models available for CTCI members to purchase.


To request an invoice from CTCI you must provide these items:


  • The Invoice Request Form with all of the information complete
  • A COPY of positive Proof of ownership. (Please don’t send originals)
    • Acceptable proof of ownership is a copy of the vehicle title or current registration from a state or recognized governing body.
    • The name on the title and the member’s name must match.

  • A Data Plate Tracing
    • Utilizing a pencil or a dirty finger, transfer the data plate image to a piece of paper.
    • The tracing must be legible and must match the ownership document number.
    • For security reasons, we do not accept photographs of the data plate
  • Current CTCI membership
  • A check or money order for $58.50 US (KS residents add sales tax)

These items can then be sent to:

Original Factory Invoices
PO Box 2053
Mission, KS 66201

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing and delivery

Any request received without the items above will be returned to the requestor until all of the items are available.


PLEASE NOTE: A CTCI-appointed volunteer team is responsible for the providing the invoices. They are the only ones with access to the invoice files. As a result, CTCI’s day-to-day office staff cannot answer any questions about specific invoices. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of your vehicle’s invoice you must submit the items listed above.