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2023 Committees

2023 Committees


(See OP&P Section 4.0)


The Board of Directors may establish committees and appoint a committee chairman as needed per OP&P Board Meetings, Article 5, Section J.

Committees shall conduct their business as directed by the Board of Directors or the President with Board of Directors’ approval.

The Board of Directors must approve committee chairpersons on an annual basis at the Annual Board Meeting, or subsequently by approval action.

Committees should have an odd number of members, and these members be selected by the chairperson to represent a diversity of views and regions.

Reporting. Committees shall make progress reports to the Board of Directors, or the President for distribution to the Board of Directors when specified at their inception, or as a minimum at the Annual Board Meeting.

Executive: Brian C., Chuck T., Charlie H., Darcy K., Bob B., CTCI Member: Bob W.

Finance: Chuck T, John K., Trae W., Chris A., Dir. Emeritus: Kerry K

Investment: CTCI Members: Gaylan Abood, Bill Phelps, Chuck T., Jim McLaughlin. (As per Board approved Investment policy mandatory members: Brian C and John Kledis)

Philanthropy (Charitable Donations/Contributions): Chuck T., Mike McL, CTCI Member Bill Phelps

ByLaws: Bob B., John K., CTCI Members: Mike C., Bob W

Membership/Strategy: CTCI Member: Dave Adams., Brd Members: Darcy K., Mike McL., Marsha H

Website/Social Media: Darcy K., Chris A., Garrett S., Marsha H., Brian C.

Early Bird: Garrett S., John S., CTCI member’s: Don Perry, and Gary Noyes

Technical Committee (Online training support, Gil’s Garage etc;): Chris A., Bob DePaola, Trae W., and CTCI Member Dave Adams

Invoice: John S., CTCI Members: Chuck Korenko, Gil Baumgartner, David Tulowitski, Scott McGilvray