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About Our Membership

Membership in CTCI is composed of people from all walks of life who are interested in the design and artistic merits of the Classic two-passenger Ford Thunderbird automobiles. Unlike ordinary pieces of art, automobiles are also functional and ownership can bring personal satisfaction over a broad spectrum of experiences.

Whether you purchased the car to restore, show or just to drive, the camaraderie of association with other people with the same interests is a great experience. CTCI can assist our members derive greater satisfaction from the cars within their particular area of interest.

Ford called the T-Bird “The personal” car and it really is, because there are many ways to enjoy it aside from just looking at it. Very careful and critical “looking at it” is called a “Concours” (car show) and some of our members enjoy that part of it. Others enjoy the “restoration” process, making a beautiful car out of a derelict. Still, others enjoy operating and maintaining the car so that they can safely use the car on tours and other social outings. Some of our members are interested in “Resto-rods”. This is a car that looks completely “Stock” on the outside but has a completely modern drive train installed.

To others, they enjoy the look and feel of a truly unique car of the 50s. CTCI is an organization that has grown because of the interest in the cars—and the friendships that develop keep bringing our members together. Whatever your personal interest in Thunderbirds is, CTCI is here to help you realize that goal.