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Classified Advertising

EarlyBird Magazine Classified Advertising

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EarlyBird Magazine Classified Advertising Rates

First 4 Lines (55 characters per line) $14.00
Each Additional Line $2.00
Photograph (1’ high) $14.00

Website Add on to your EarlyBird Ad MEMBER
Duplicate your ad on our website $20.00
The EarlyBird Premium Package ads run for 2 months!
(Concurrent with the EarlyBird publication schedule)
ISSUE Deadline ISSUE Deadline
Jan/Feb Nov 20 Jul/Aug May 20
Mar/Apr Jan 20 Sep/Oct Jul 20
May/Jun Mar 20 Nov/Dec Sep 20

EarlyBird Magazine Classified Advertising Specifications

Your Ad Content

Please email a high-resolution digital photo or mail a photo print. Do not cut prints to size, we will size as needed. No photocopies or computer printed ink-jet photos please.

To make it easier to prepare your ad for publication and to minimize the chances for error, CTCI has provided the Classified Ad Order Form at the bottom of this page (see below). This form can be filled out on your computer, saved and emailed or it may be printed and mailed to CTCI. It is required that the ad be typed or clearly printed to include all of the information on the form. Please proofread your ad before you send it in.

Classified Ad Tips

Include the year or application of the item; avoid acronyms; spell out words where helpful for clarity.

Be sure to include your name, contact information, and CTCI number in the ad.

Extend Your EarlyBird Classified Advertising with a concurrent CTCI Web Site Classified Ad

If you are running a classified ad in the Early Bird magazine, Members now pay only $20 for a Web Classified Ad that runs the same 2-month period as your Early Bird magazine ad, includes all of the same text as the Early Bird and the ability to include the same photo or you can submit a different photo, such as a different angle, interior or engine shot, for your web-based ad. Color photos on the website can be expanded to a large size, allowing you to showcase your item in greater detail.

If you choose this Premium option, you do not have to submit any additional information. CTCI will convert the information submitted for the Early Bird magazine for use on our website.

Ads may be emailed to: ctcioffice@ctci.org or mailed to PO Box 2053, Mission, KS 66201

CTCI does not bill classified advertisers for multiple insertion ads. Payment must be received before the issue deadline date.


EarlyBird Classified Ad Form

in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format

Use this form for Classified advertising in the Early Bird


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