The EarlyBird Magazine

September-October 2019 Issue
Volume 57, Number 5

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3 President’s Column
Bob Witt
4 HQ Highlights
Jim Spawn and staff
5 CTCI Statement of Income
John M Kledis
6 Proposed Bylaw Results
8 Candidates for Board of Directors
12 Building Community Together
Dennis Benfante
14 No More Slamming Doors
Thunderbird Owners of New York
16 Stored – Not Forgotten
George T. Syvrud
18 Collector’s Corner
Member submissions
19 Too Low -Too High – Just Right!
Jim Wehrle
20 Welcome New CTCI Members!
CTCI Office
21 Nuts & Bolts
Gil Baumgartner
22 Number 000153 Our 1955 Thunderbird
Terry and Gayle Leighley
26 1962 Budd XT-Bird
The Henry Ford
28 The Boss Thunderbird
Jim Spawn
34 On the T-Bird Trail
36 CAR-es-pondence Clinic
Technical Editors
38 Around the Aviary
CTCI Chapters
52 Market Place
64 Calendar of Events

15-Time Winner of the Golden Quill Award

For many years, Krause Publications’ Old Cars Weekly has brought recognition to numerous publications in the old car hobby. Clubs enter their magazines and newsletters for consideration and are honored by the selection with a certificate and recognition in Old Cars Weekly. The annual Golden Quill Award continues to be a source of pride for their Editors. Members are pleased they belong to a “winning” club.

The EarlyBird magazine of the Classic Thunderbird Club International has been awarded this honor 15 times for the years 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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It is not easy to win this recognition each year as the publication must show continuous improvement. Story selection and content is another factor that needs attention, since competition between club publications seems to become stiffer each year. According to Gerald Perschbacher, Golden Quill Judge, a winning publication must fulfill the following:

  • Meets the needs of club members
  • Is consistently high quality in design and content
  • Offers a balance in content (news, features, technical, etc.)
  • Presents fresh and creative material that advances the hobby
  • Is a good-will ambassador for the club
  • Is visually attractive and interesting

If your chapter would like to submit your publication for consideration of this award, please see the instructions and tips at the Old Cars Weekly web site.

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EarlyBird Magazine Staff

Editor-in-Chief – Jim Spawn

Technical Editors
’55 – Mitch Reed
’56 – Jim Dinunzio
’57 – Don Hyde

Authenticity – Gil Baumgartner

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