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Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting March 10, 2023

CTCI Board Meeting Highlights

March 10, 2023

Treasurers Report: John Kledis reported that he has been working very hard to complete the final 2022 year-end report. The club showed a financial (function) loss of over $9,000.00 for the year. John reported that while the overall Club equity remains strong the equity did drop about $120,000, due to drop in the value of invested assets and the convention loss.

The Board approved the action items related to the General Membership Meeting. The most important is related to the bylaws and ways to increase membership. The board has voted unanimously to bring to the membership a change to the bylaws as it relates to the Modern Classic Thunderbirds. Below is the proposed bylaw change that will be voted on by the membership in June of 2023. More information can be found in the March – April issue of The Early Bird.

Proposed Bylaw Change:

Article III – Purposes

Current para a:

To operate and maintain an organization to encourage and promote the admiration and ownership, care and maintenance, with safe and courteous operation, of the “Classic Thunderbird”, defined herein as a two-passenger 1955, 1956 and 1957 Ford Thunderbird automobile.

Proposed para a:

To operate and maintain an organization to encourage and promote the admiration and ownership, care and maintenance, with safe and courteous operation, of the “Classic Thunderbird”, defined herein as a two-passenger Ford Thunderbird automobile.

Proposed Bylaw Vote Schedule: Garrett Shropshire presented the schedule to conduct the Bylaw vote in June 2023. The Bylaw has been printed in the March-April Issue of The Early Bird. Paper Ballots will be released on 5/26 and must be mailed back by 6/22. The electronic “Opa-Vote” will be open on 6/9 and will also close on 6/22 at 4PM. The results will be presented to the board on 7/14 and to the members via Highlights on the same day.

Member Renewals: Garrett presented membership renewals through (2/28/2023). We ended up with 4,722 active members. We closed the year 2022 with 4,277 members. Most prospective members (Test Drivers) who received the November – December Issue and renewal notice will send in their information in January. We have already received several 2023 memberships from the 2022 Test Drive campaign since the first of the year.

Charlie Hensley and Brian Carron presented the 2023 Regional Convention (The Villages, Florida) Update. The committee has been working to finalize convention details. Members who are interested in attending the Regional Convention are encouraged to register and make hotel reservations. The Registration form is on-line and on the back of the March – April Early Bird mailing onsert.

Brian Carron presented the need for a Chapter to sponsor the 2024 International Convention. While some chapters have expressed an interest in sponsoring a convention, up to this point no Chapter has presented a formal proposal. Any and all Chapters who wish to sponsor the International Convention in 2024 should reach out to Brian. Please note, to allow proper planning time, interested Chapters should let Brian know prior to August 1.

John Kledis presented an update on the Google groups. The Board approved a third Google group. The group will focus on CTCI parts and cars. Those interested should contact Shannon at shannon.herring@kledisandcompany.com. Also please don’t forget to contact Shannon if you are interested in either of the two other Google groups: Technical or Modern Classics.

Brian Carron presented and the Board approved, the membership new member interest Packet and Tri-Fold handout. These will be distributed out to the various Chapters and prospective members to help gain additional members for CTCI.

Brian Carron also presented the Early Bird Calendar of Events which will now include major Thunderbird CTCI, VTCI and ITC events. These events like international conventions will be shared with members of all three clubs. This is NOT an integration of the three Clubs into one, but rather a way to keep all of the Thunderbird enthusiasts updated with the related events.

Brian Carron proposed and the Board approved the following new Committees and Appointed Chair positions: Marsha Hash as the Newsletter Contest Chairman; Chris Ames as the Touring Judges Training Chairman; John Smith as the Authenticity Co-Chair (joining Scott McGilvary); and the formation of a new Bylaw review committee, made up of Bob Bly; John Kledis; and non-Board members Mike Chambers and Bob Witt.

Mike McLucas presented and the Board approved the winner of the “Hall of Fame” award. The award will be presented at a later time.

Brian Carron reminded all members of the upcoming Director election that will be held later this year. The election will cover, Regions 1, 3, 5 and a Director-at-Large position. Each member who is interested should be thinking about creating a Bio. Per the CTCI Bylaws, Candidate bios have to be received by the CTCI office prior to August 1, 2023 and will be published in the September-October Issue of The Early Bird. If you have any interest, please see your Regional Director for details.

Brian Carron offered his congratulations and thanks to the chapters who submitted their chapter reports promptly and are 100% in compliance with all their officers being CTCI members in good standing. These “All-Star” chapters are:
#4 Bay Area Thunderbird Owners Club

#5 The American Road Thunderbird Club

#8 Tulsa Classic Thunderbird Club

#20 San Antonio Classic Thunderbird Club

#23 Potomac Classic Thunderbird Club

#31 The Pitt Birds

#34 Classic Thunderbirds of Houston

#36 Virginia Classic Thunderbird Club

#50 Santa Clara Valley Thunderbird Club

#64 Classic Thunderbird Club of Scandinavia

#65 Nebraskaland Thunderbirds

#80 Totem Classic Thunderbirds of B.C.

#94 Hawkeye Classic Thunderbird Club

#95 Modesto Area Classic Thunderbird Club

#105 Lawton Little Birds

#113 Trail Birds of Southwest Florida

#121 Island Vintage T-Bird Club

The next Board meeting is set for May 12, 2023.

On Behalf of the Board,

Brian Carron, President