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Chapter 11

Classic Thunderbirds of New England, Incorporated

The Classic Thunderbird Club of New England (CTONE) was organized in 1965 in the eastern New England area consisting of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire , Vermont and Maine. Today we have over 40 members who enjoy and admire 1955, 1956 and 1957 Thunderbirds. Ownership of a classic Thunderbird is not a requirement to join our group, however interest and enthusiasm will certainly help. CTONE is dedicated to the enjoyment, restoration, exchange of ideas, and camaraderie regarding these fine automobiles. Some of our members purchased their classic Thunderbirds new and are still driving /enjoying them today!

The officers of CTONE consist of a President, Treasurer, Clerk, 5 Directors, and a newsletter editor. The newsletter editor publishes a monthly newsletter containing a calendar of CTONE events, members stories, photos of recent events, technical articles, and a free classified section of Thunderbird cars and parts offered for sale by members. CTONE activities include a yearly club meeting, Board of Directors meetings, attendance at local car shows, caravans to CTCI events, technical meets/garage runs, ice cream runs and cruise nights. Our main intention is to have fun, enjoy our T-Birds and camaraderie of fellow Thunderbird owners and affectionado’s.

We would love to have you join us and share our appreciation of the classic Thunderbird. Our annual dues are $20.00 per year. For more information, directions to our next function, or a membership application, please contact Jim Potter (President) at 508-566-5425; or onsetjp@juno.com .You can also check us out on facebook: CTONE- Classic Thunderbirds of New England.