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Thunderbird Appreciation Day – May 15 2022

Thunderbird Appreciation Day – May 15 2022

TBird Appreciation DayOver four million Thunderbirds were produced but they are still a rare sight on our roads. Join other Thunderbird owners around the world as members of the Classic Thunderbird Club International and Vintage Thunderbird Club International celebrate these iconic cars.

Just take your Thunderbird out into the public. Attend a cars-n-coffee, picnic in the park, stop at a diner, join in on a cruise. Any place you go, people will want to talk about your Thunderbird. Thunderbird Appreciation Day is the day to show other folks that they can be part of the Thunderbird family. Share some photographs of you and your Thunderbird with Early Bird magazine, various clubs and Facebook group pages.

Once again, CTCI will waive the new member Initiation Fee for any new member who joins in the month of May! CLICK HERE to join. 

Show off your cars and let’s sign up some excited new members on May 15, 2022.