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Installing the carpet in 1955/56/57 Thunderbirds

The carpet was not installed in the 1955/56/57 Thunderbirds at the factory. They were rolled up and placed in the luggage compartment and installed at the dealerships where the car was sold new. I have attached service produce information letter number 1115 that was sent to all FoMoCo dealerships. The letter was titled Front Carpet Installation 1955 Thunderbird. The instructions was used for all three years 1955/56/57. Once the carpet was in place and properly aligned four screws with washers and 18 drive nails were installed to secure the carpet to avoid wrinkles. The drop curtain studs were also installed.
Over the years I have never found a 1955/56/57 Thunderbird that was in full compliance with the instructions. This is not saying that all dealerships did not comply with the instructions.
Gil Baumgartner