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Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting Sept 2022

Sept Board Meeting Highlights

· Treasurers report: John Kledis reported current standings and expected year end projections.

· The Investment Committee report was presented. Our investment manager, Meritage, reported that our investment was matching the overall market performance.

· Brian Carron presented the 2022 International Convention update. Brian reported the website has been updated for all of the current Sponsors, Donors, and Supporters for the convention. Members are encouraged to purchase convention apparel online direct from the vendors listed.

· Brian also wanted to remind all members that there would be a CTCI Board Meeting and a General Membership meeting held during the Convention.

· Darcy Knapp presented the Website Committee report. The group discussed the plan to ensure that member records are updated on the website member list weekly.

· The Board acknowledged that there were exactly four candidates for the four open positions. The Board approved the four candidates by acclamation. They will join the Board in January 2023. They are:

· Region-2 Marsha Hash

· Region-4 Charlie Hensley

· Region-6 Trae Wood

· Dir-At-Large Chris Ames

· The Board wanted to remind members that a by-law election is still planned. This election will start soon and close on October 15. The language for the proposed by-law regarding Article V: Board of Directors (paragraph d – relating to tie elections) was printed in the July-August issue of The Early Bird.

· Garrett Shropshire reported on membership renewals: Last year (12/31/2021) we ended up with 4,722 active members. Garrett also presented that we are continuing to have members sign up for the 3 year option demonstrating a strong commitment to CTCI.

· Garrett also presented his proposals of 2023 rates for sponsored items printed in The Early Bird. He also presented the plan for the Test Drive program. The board approved both of these proposals.

· Suggestions for revising the Ford Johnson Trophy procedures and calculations made by Kerry Kravik were approved by the board. Chapters will be provided the details.

· Chapter #67 Central Florida submitted a proposal to host the 2023 Regional CTCI Convention, late October in The Villages, Florida. The Board has conditionally approved the proposal.

The next board meeting is set for October 26, 2022.