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Highlights of CTCI Convention in Person Oct Board Meeting

President Brian Carron called the meeting to order at 2:02 PM Central Daylight Time on the 26th of October, 2023 at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort, San Antonio, Texas.

Opening Remarks: Welcome all members to the October 26th, 2022 Classic Thunderbird Club International General Membership Meeting.

Secretary Bob Bly presented the roll call of the regional directors, directors at large, director emeritus as follows: CTCI 2022 Officers and Office Staff President/Region 5 Director Brian Carron (Present) Vice President/Director at Large Chuck Thompson (Present) Treasurer/ Director at Large John Kledis (Present) Secretary Bob Bly (Present) Region 1 Director Darcy Knapp (Absent) Region 2 Director Kerry Kravik (Present) Region 3 Director Mike McLucas (Present) Region 4 Director Charlie Hensley (Present) Region 6 Jim Rodgers (Absent) Director at Large John Smith (Present) Director Emeritus Ed Benson (Absent)

General Items from the Floor

Members Bill Long (TN), Steve Handy (NJ), Ralph Cowell (FL), Cary Klimen (MD), Ray Wood (NM), Neal Polan (TX), Jim McLaughlin (TX), Marvin Hill (OH), Pete DePaola (CA), Bonnie Goldberg (CA), Bob DePaola (CA), Mike Chambers (AL) took the floor and made comments, shared anecdotes pertaining to topics, and brought up questions on a variety of subjects:

• It was noted that in 1980, CTCI had over 8,700

• Suggested that if CTCI were to cease operations, do not donate any remaining funds to Ford Benson.

• Questions about the specifics of CTCI investments – the portfolio, fees, etc.

• 2002-2005 Thunderbirds aka Retro Birds or Modern Classics were discussed at length. Requested that a vote be taken (regarding the inclusion of 2-seater Thunderbirds) in the next 6 months. The majority of member comments were in favor of changing the bylaws to include Modern Classics (Retros).

• Shrinking and aging membership demographic and resulting lower membership

• Report of a major Thunderbird show in August 2023 at Ford headquarters and a request for all members to attend.

• Various aspects of CTCI Bylaws

• It was stated that we have to change as a club or continue to stagnate.

• More than one speaker reported that by contacting their club members and potential members personally they achieved great responses

• Discussion of our club’s tax status.

• There was a discussion about changing the percentage needed to pass a bylaw change

Meeting adjourned at 4:25.