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Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting March 11, 2022

· Treasurers report: John Kledis reported that 2021 was very unusual due to real estate closing documents, investment transfers and other related items that occurred during 2021. As a result, all year end details, summary documents and tax related transactions needed a comprehensive, extraordinary review by the executive-finance committee to support tax preparation and release to the membership.

· Brian Carron presented the 2022 International Convention Update. Brian reported that significant progress is being made in the planning process. We have some great events planned. Sponsors and supporters are stepping up for what we are planning as a memorable post-pandemic Convention. We are also pleased with the many individual chapters who have donated and shown their support of this convention. There has been good response to Pre-registration along with members reserving hotel rooms. The Steering Committee is putting the finishing touches on the Convention Registration Form that will be released with the March-April issue of The Early Bird. We have also made updates to the Facebook pages and uploaded videos related to the Convention. Finally, we are encouraging all members to continuing Pre-registering and booking hotel rooms for the 2022 Convention.

Pre-Registration link: https://www.ctci.org/shop/pre-registration-2022-international-convention/

Hotel Reservation link: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/group-booking/SANHC/G-TIC2

· Darcy Knapp and her company SEO Web Mechanics (our Web Contractor) has made great strides in updating and improving our CTCI website. It is a significantly improved website over what we have been living with over the past several years. The website has a new theme and we encourage all members to visit the website and check it out. In addition, we made an update to the hosting and the site loads much quicker. Finally, SEO Web Mechanics is also working to correct issues as they are identified.

· ** Please Note: Member subscription renewal dates have not been updated in the system. This is a work in progress that we hope to have corrected by Mid-April.

· In response to member comments, Brian confirmed and reported that we still have the Haggerty Insurance discount for CTCI members. The Haggerty discount is 5%

· Garrett Shropshire reported on membership renewals: Garrett said that last year (12/31/2021) we ended up with 4,722 active members. Currently 971 members are pending renewal. He reported that as a reference, we have 200 more processed renewals than the same time last year. In addition fewer members have dropped out for reasons other than “death” or “sold car”; also a significant improvement over last year. Finally, we continue having members sign up for the 3-year option which demonstrates a strong commitment to CTCI.

· Garrett also reported that through the end of February, we have signed up 61 new members and we have converted 14 test drivers. He thanked all of the Directors and Chapters for their continued support in bringing in new members.

· Chuck Thompson reported that all of the current “Appointed Chairpersons” will continue in their current positions except for the Scoring Chairman. It was announced that Garrett Shropshire will fill the position of Scoring Chairman for 2022. The Publicity Chairman position continues to remain open. Brian asked for any interested member to contact him directly.

· A proposed By-Law change was discussed regarding “Tie Election Votes”. The plan is to finalize the wording and have everything out to the membership in time for the members to vote on this item in conjunction with the general election. This will eliminate the cost of a special By-Law election.

· Garrett Shropshire presented to the Board the “reformatted” OP & P. As many of the members are aware, the document outline, links and pagination had become broken due to multiple edits over the years. This made changing the document a huge manual process; each change required a re-number to each successive page and paragraph. The document is now cleaned-up with outline links and pagination corrected so all changes ‘automatically’ keep the document in-sync. The OP & P along with proposed changes to paragraph 2.6 (Members) have been sent to the OP & P committee for action.

The next board meeting is set for May 13, 2022.

On Behalf of the Board,
Brian Carron, President