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Removing the Power Steering Pump

A few simple steps will allow the power steering pump to be removed fairly easily. The first step is to remove the fluid without major spillage. Pictures shown in this article are of a 1957 model. The 1955/56 models are slightly different, but the removal procedures are the same.

Photo # 1- Under the car, you will notice two hoses from the power steering control valve to the power steering ram cylinder. Removing the rear hose on the control valve will allow most of the fluid to drain from the pump reservoir.

Photo # 2- Next remove the pump reservoir top lid and filter; you will find the fluid level to be below the return hose outlet opening in the filter retainer. The return hose outlet is in the recessed area of the filter retainer base. Some fluid will remain in the bottom of the tank under the filter retainer which can be wiped clean with a paper towel.

Photo # 3 – Remove the return hose from the tank return tube, you should find the line completely drained.

Photo # 4 – The tank reservoir and filter retainer can be removed with a deep socket.

Photo # 5 – Once the tank reservoir is removed it will be easy to remove the pressure line to control valve, three bolts holding the pump bracket to engine mount bracket P/N 3C511, and nut from support bracket to exhaust manifold P/N 3562.

The pump can now be removed from its mount brackets.

Gil Baumgartner