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Keys: Ignition, Trunk, & Tag

Gil’s Garage

Gil Baumgartner
CTCI Authenticity Chairman

The ignition key on the left is the type that fit the FoMoCo replacement locks for the ignition and door which are keyed the same. It has not been determined when this type come into service it appeared in the late sixties or early seventies and is available today from most Thunderbird parts suppliers. The key on the right is an original and can occasionally be found with matching locks at swap meets (Note the lack of a groove on the side shown). Both keys are grooved on the side not shown.

The same information applies to the trunk and glove box keys and locks which are also keyed the same.

This type tag was attached to keys when the car was new and to replacement key and lock sets. The tag contained the key number and instructions to record and detach.Some of the tag instructions was to record and destroy.


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