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1955 Thunderbirds For Sale

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1956 Thunderbirds For Sale

Second owner for over 50 years. Have receipts for work done. Both tops. Town & Country radio, new front seat. Extra parts included. Air conditioner. Good condition. Paint is over 30 years old. $26,000 Call Tom Saumur at 714-322-2175 or EMAIL.  Lakewood, California

1957 Thunderbirds For Sale

Second owner, since 1968. 312 F code clone with VR57 blower. White exterior, red interior. Stick with overdrive option. Three tops, disk brakes, AM/FM radio, padded dash. 1963 Thunderbird wheels (Dayton wire wheel rebld). New tires, flaps and tubes, rebuilt fuel pump, 389 or 411 gears, power steering, new interior, new batt. Call Bill at 410-231-4331 – leave message.  EMAIL. CTCI 1005. Ocala, Florida

New original style interior; 312 and automatic transmission (both rebuilt to like new). Two tops, AM/FM radio, power steering/brakes, new AC system, wire wheels, WWW tires. Drives like a new car. $55,000 Contact John Dalmolin at 480.223.3759 or EMAIL. Phoenix, Arizona

Thunderbird Parts / Misc For Sale

Complete rebuilt rear end for 1955 Thunderbird with a manual transmission. Stock distributor, tach cable and tach for a 1955 Thunderbird. Stock generator for a 1955 Thunderbird with a 12 volt conversion. $1,800 for everything, plus shipping. Contact Jim Luehrs at 703-742-8043 h or 703-929-4670 c or email.  Reston, Virginia

1957 Thunderbird front bumper – three pieces. 1957 rear bumper. Both in good condition or for re-chrome. $900 each plus $185 shipping. Ron Smith at 772-559-1577 or EMAIL. Vero Beach, Florida


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Data Plates

All 6 backgrounds cover every month variation known ‘55-’57. Impervious to attack printing. Correct, well-defined characters with proper hook ends. Correct puffed, lined Asterisk symbols. Correct border with proper rivet hole clearance. 18 years tag experience and a huge database to assist with missing information. One week turn around. Rivets available. E and F-Birds’ pedigree will be checked. Questionable orders refused. Send sketch or Photocopy of tag wanted for further details. Visit us on the web at or call (860) 877-4440. A.G. Backeast, P.O. Box 40011, Grand Junction, CO. 81504.

Harmonic Balancer Rebuilding

Harmonic balancer rebuilding, silicone rubber injection. New pulley straightening, 3 year warranty. Toll free (888) 834-2137, Mon-Fri. 8:30-3:30 WCT. Damper Doctor, 1055 Parkview Ave., Redding, CA 96001. Email

Original Factory Invoices

Classic Thunderbird Club International has almost all 1956 and 1957 invoices and some 1955 invoices – from Serial No. 232214 on. They are available to C.T.C.I. members at a cost of only $50.00 each (California Residents $54.75 including sales tax). The original invoice will be provided when available. Otherwise a photocopy of the original will be sent.

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