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Ford Johnson Memorial Award Registration

Ford Johnson Memorial Award Registration Form


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Greetings CTCI 2022 International Convention Attendees!

The CTCI 2022 International Convention in San Antonio, TX is quickly approaching. I hope that you are as excited as I am that we are finally able to gather once again as a Thunderbird community. The agenda for the Convention is shaping up to be a great time for all.

As we’ve historically done at previous International Conventions, we will once again be handing out the Ford Johnson Memorial Award. For those unfamiliar with the Award, it is given out to the CTCI Chapter whose members drove the most combined miles in their Thunderbirds to the Convention. While that is still the premise of the award, we are making some tweaks to it this year to gain greater participation.

The main points on participating in the event are:

• Attendees driving their car to the Convention, and entered in one of the car classes, will no longer need to notify CTCI of their desire to participate in advance. There will be a special Ford Johnson Memorial Award registration form that you can request at the CTCI general registration desk when you arrive in San Antonio. The form will include all the necessary information needed to be filled out for your participation. Simply fill out the form and return it to Kerry Kravik, Region 2 Director, or the CTCI registration desk.
• Drivers will need to track their mileage from their home to the CTCI Convention site in San Antonio. Side trips to see the sights along the way are encouraged. Adding miles in your Thunderbird is what it’s all about. This is meant to be a fun event and participants will be on the honor system.

• We will be presenting 3 awards this year:
Most miles driven individually by a CTCI attendee
• Most miles driven by a CTCI Chapter by all drivers combined
• Hard luck award
• Having fun and enjoying the ride is the most important part!

While some may see these changes as a departure from the past, the crux of the award remains the same. However, the emphasis is about increasing the participation rate and making it easier for all attendees the opportunity to join in the fun.

I hope each attendee driving their Thunderbird to the Convention participates in the fun event and I can’t wait to see each of you in San Antonio.

Happy Thunderbirding!
Kerry Kravik, CTCI Region 2 Director