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Chapter 30

Music City Thunderbird Club

The Music City Classic Thunderbird Club, serving all of Middle Tennessee, was founded for the purpose of the preservation and restoration of classic Thunderbirds with strong emphasis on driving our classics. Originally dedicated to the baby birds (1955, 1956, 1957) we now include all Thunderbirds and it isnot necessary to own a classic to join. We meet on the first Sunday of the month to plan events and to discuss new ideas on how to enjoy our T-Birds. Our annual dues are $20.00 per couple or $10.00 for singles. Our past activities include cruise-ins, car shows, tours, plays and Occasionally an over nighter. Please feel free to contact us us about attending one of our events. Check out our website at: mcctc.net

President, Joyce Pfeffer, Phone: 615-223-1849 and email tbirdjim@bellsouth.net

Vice President, Jim Pfeffer, Phone: 615-223-1849 and email tbirdjim@bellsouth.net