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Chapter 27

Bakersfield Classic Thunderbird Club

Bakersfield Classic Thunderbird Club, Chapter 27 of CTCI, is the most northern located of the California Clubs in region 6. We are actually separated from Southern California by the untraversable and dreaded “Grapevine”, which is why southbound Chevrolet owners often breakdown, become stranded, purchase Fords and join our club.

BCTC has about twenty-five members, most of whom own a 1955, 1956 or 1957 Thunderbird.We hold one business meeting and at least one social activity each month. The central focus of these, is food. If you like food, please join as a guest at our meeting or on an outing. You can also learn a lot about Roberts Rules of Order and how they apply (or don’t apply) to a business meeting.

Our newsletter is called “The Porthole”. We would be happy to send you a sample newsletter to peruse, if you are curious about BCTC and our activities. We love to drive our cars and we love food, but not necesarily in that order. We also have members who are technically and mechanically proficient and are eager to provide you with any assistance or information that you need. If you are in our area and would like to know where to get some good food, we can provide you with that information as well. Most importantly, as you can tell, we have a lot of fun and invite you to join us.

Our contacts are:  Eric or Fran Hershkowitz 661-805-2778, email ehershkowitz@hotmail.com