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Chapter 119

FOR THE BIRDS / Central Illinois Classic Thunderbirds Inc.
CTCI Chapter #119

For the Birds was organized in early 2005 by local Little Bird owners from the mid-section of Illinois. As of this writing in 2020, we have been a club for 15 years, formally becoming a CTCI chapter in 2012. Our modest membership is geographically scattered across the state from our eastern to western state lines, roughly between Interstates 70 and 80, centered on the state capital, Springfield. Our focus is on those who own and/or appreciate the Classic Thunderbird, however many members also have other years of T-Birds including the “New Birds”.

Our newsletter, “Bird Droppings”, is published ten times per year, March through December, and mailed conventionally.

Dues are $20 for the first year and $15 annually. We hold outings at least monthly, April through October, touring, visiting historical sites, attending car shows, plays and, of course, eating. Our leadership is a Board of Directors, who select a Chairperson from their number. They are elected at our annual meeting and program planning held centrally each October.

The current Chair is Charles Gouveia #32896. You may contact us at ftb555657@yahoo.com, (217) 793-4362, or 7204 Hermes Lane, New Berlin, Illinois, 62670.

We welcome anyone with an interest to join our group of friends who happen to appreciate Thunderbirds!