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CTCI – Technical Article Index


This index will list the CTCI documents that match selected Concours Judging Categories and Sections. These areas defined in the judging are used to classify a section of the vehicle which is then linked to where to find the documents you are looking for. Please note that a document may relate to more than one section or even category, so may be listed under multiple search areas.

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Spare Tire

Spare wheel carrier modification

  • Author: Ford Service Letter
  • Issue: Sep/Oct
  • Year:1974
  • Page: 46

Engine serial number, spare tire cover, tonneau cover

  • Author: Barry Thomas
  • Issue: Jan/Feb
  • Year:1987
  • Page: 39

Mini spare tires in the trunk and on the ground

  • Author: Dick Stern
  • Issue: Jan/Feb
  • Year:1997
  • Page: 39

How not to be left at the side of the road

  • Author: Jay Raine
  • Issue: May/Jun
  • Year:1999
  • Page: 34

1956 Spare Tire

  • Author: Jim Dinunzio
  • Issue: Jan/Feb
  • Year:2005
  • Page: 43

Installation Tips for the Continental Kit

  • Author: Jim Dawson
  • Issue: Mar/Apr
  • Year:2013
  • Page: 43

56 Spare Tire Hinge Lever Removal

  • Author: Jim Dawson
  • Issue: Jul/Aug
  • Year:2013
  • Page: 57