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Wheel Info – 1957

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Gil Baumgartner
CTCI Authenticity Chairman

1957 Passenger Cars except Station Wagons, Retracts and Ranchero. 14″ X 5″ with slot openings and riveted centers, used with 14″ X 7.50 tires.

1957 Thunderbirds 14″ X 5″ Kelsey Hayes (K.H.) wheels, no slots, no rivets and welded centers, used with 14″ X 7.50 tires. The 14″ X 5″ KH wheel and 14″ X 7.50 tires wheels were use on 1957 Thunderbirds to enhance ball joint & skirt clearance.

1957 Station Wagon, Retracts, Ranchero,some 1958/59 passenger cars and 1958-61 Thunderbirds used 14″ X 5.5″ K.H. wheels, no slots, some had rivets, most had welded centers, used with 14 X 8.00 tires.

Left wheel, FoMoCo, KH, 5.5″ riveted centers no slots, 2 11/16″ from inside mount to outer rim. Center wheel FoMoCo, KH, 5.5″, welded center, no slots,2 9/16″ from inside mount to outer rim. Right wheel FoMoCo, KH, 5″, (Original Thunderbird) welded center, no slots, 2 5/16″ from inside mount to outer rim. I have shown the edge only to enhance the picture size of the 5.5 wheels

It is not possible to determine if a wheel is 14″ X 5.5″ if the tire is mounted because some are welded and some are riveted.

It is not possible to feel the rivets with the wheel and tire mounted with the correct brake drum because of the depth and space available. It is possible to see the rivets when the wheel is mounted with a strong light if you know exactly where to look.

See the Restoration and Specification Manual page 220,221,222 and 223 for pictures and other details.

This information applies to original FoMoCo K.H. wheels and does not apply to other model KH wheels or over the counter FoMoCo service parts (replacements).


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