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THE WORKS for your 1957 Thunderbird #110-2006A7

The Works!  Every CTCI Reproduced Ford Publication pertaining to the 1957 Thunderbird.

22% off the listed price for each included publication

14 CTCI reproduced Ford publications each dealing with the 1957 Thunderbird from Sales Brochures to Supercharger manuals and everything in between.  A must have for your 1957 T-Bird support library.


The Supercharger Manual is supplied in the 1957 set only.  The NEW Revised Electrical and Trim and Sealer Manuals published exclusively for  the 1957 T-Bird will be included with no increase in price.  These new manuals are reproductions of the original Ford Engineering Manuals including fold out pages for easier reading.

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Price: $150.00
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