Ford 1957 Thunderbird Trim and Sealer Manual #110-26B



For your 1957 Thunderbird. Trim and sealer manual 8.5″ X 11″ 66 pages with many “fold out” pages for more detail on seats, doorpanels, headliners, weatherstrips and any other trim item you can think of. Exploded detailed views and comments on how to install the items. The forward provided by many of the CTCI Technical editors contains many tips and secrets that aid in the completion of many “Do it yourself” projects. This is an actual reprint of a Ford Manual not an aftermarket manual. Because this manual was not originally intended for the public, the print quality on some pages is less than perfect.

Item # 110-26B

Binder not included. If you need a CTCI Binder, Order 110-58NB