1949 – 1959 Ford Car Text and Illustrations Parts Catalog on USB 110-85



This is a copy of the “long out of print” 1949 – 1959 Ford Car Parts and Accessories Catalog. The Catalog consisted of 2 Volumes: The Text Catalog and the Illustrations Catalog. Item no. 110-85

Can be used on PC, MAC or Android operating systems.  Searchable, printable.

The Text catalog contains almost every part number and associated prefix and suffix that were used on all Fords of the 1950’s decade. It also has a definition of the part numbering system that is still used today. The text can also be used to determine dimensions and interchangeability of some parts.

The Illustrations Catalog is used to find a particular part as installed on the car and the Basic part number of that part. One must go to the Text Catalog to find the actual part number for the specific year and model that part is for. (ex.16005 is the basic part number for a right front fender be it on a ’49 Ford or a 2010 Ford) The “Exploded” views also help when reassembling components.

The current printed Catalogs currently sell for over $100 per volume. You can have both volumes on 1 USB drive for only $20.