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Selecting the Correct Class for your Concours Car at a CTCI Event

Gil’s Garage

Gil Baumgartner
CTCI Authenticity Chairman

The purpose of this article is to bring attention to the Concours rules and how they can be easily accessed at www.ctci.org, by clicking on Events then Convention Guidelines & Concours Procedures, Concours & Touring Division Rules. Read the information about the various divisions and classes available to all types of 1955/56/57 Thunderbirds. Regardless of the type car you own, restored original, restored non- original, trailered, driven, touring, original unrestored, hood open, hood closed, under carriage judged, under carriage not judged or display only. There is a place for your car and some classes have milti awards within the class.

After many years of assisting with the management of CTCI national and regional events I have come to the conclusion that most Clubs hosting these events are doing an outstanding job in managing the overall event including the concours. In addition the majority of car owners read and understand the Concours rules. The rules have been developed and refined over many years. However I also realize that a few members who enter their car do not read the rules especially when selecting the proper class for their car. This results in the majority of owner complaints and dissatisfaction of the award received. The percentage of complaints are low and could be eliminated if entrants will spend a little time studying the Concours documents mentioned above. Cars are being entered in the Original Division that should have been entered in the Non-Original division. It is also apparent that some owners enter their car in the original unrestored class that should not have. The original unrestored cars score sheet and guide lines is one page. It can be found on page 42 of Concours and Touring Division Rules Document II. The most important sentence on the page is “Cars will be judged for originality, cleanliness, appearance and wear.” Cars are sometimes entered that have not been cleaned and some have had a total repaint. The Concours chairman and chief judge at most events are doing a great job of addressing and documenting the questions of the owners before the event, however some of the information is being ignored by the owners. It is also evident that some owners ask that their car be judged for excellence in authenticity and signed a statement that their car has all fifty items. The fifty items are listed on page 6 of the Concours and Touring Division Rules, Document I. When the vehicles are inspected for these items it is apparent that some of the items are not original or an exact reproduction.

It is important that each entrant review all three documents of the Concours and Touring Division Rules. Document I has 12 pages. These pages cover Introduction, Entrants Qualification and Requirement, CTCI Judging Classes Original, Authenticity & Excellence in Authenticity Required Items, CTCI Judging Classes Non- Original, Touring Division, Display Class/Judging and Scoring, Concours Judging Corps and Awards, Judging Seminar.

Document II has 44 pages and contains Summary of Score Sheets Original, Summary of Score Sheets Non-Original, Special Items-all cars, Concours Original Combined Score Sheets, Concours Workmanship all Non-Original Sheets, Also for use on Original cars when doing separate authenticity judging, Concours authenticity Score Sheets, for use when using a separate authenticity team on Original cars, Touring Division Score Sheets, Touring Division Summary Score Sheets, Original UN-RESTORED score Sheets, Excellence in Authenticity Award Score Sheet, Gold Medallion Preservation Award abbreviated Score Sheet.

Document III contains 18 pages. The first 3 pages contain general information of importance, the remaining pages list the proper finish and configuration of items on the Undercarriage, Engine, Compartment, Trunk Compartment, Interior and Exterior.

A little time spent studying the rules and guide lines will help insure car owners get a fair evaluation and award.


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