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Removing the windshield Wiper Motor

The windshield vacuum wiper motor is mounted to a bracket P/N 17496, near the center of the upper portion of the firewall under the dash. The wiper motor can be removed and replaced from under the dash.
If the car is equipped with an under-dash air conditioner the evaporator must be dropped down and push to the side. The A/C unit hoses do not require removal. The 12V power supply to the A/C unit must be disconnected. Access to the wiper motor can be enhanced by removing the seat but is not necessary. Once you are under the dash and have located the wiper motor it can be removed by following the steps below.
1- Disconnect the vacuum hose to wiper motor P/N 17543, it is not clamped and should pull off.
2-Remove arm retainer spring P/N 17450, pull up on the spring and it will release from the wiper motor arm retainer studs, being careful not drop the spring.
3- Push the arms P/N 17566 RH & 17567 LH off the wiper motor arm studs. The rubber grommets P/N 17562 will remain in the ends of the wiper arms.
4- Remove motor retainer screws from motor mount bracket P/N 17496. The screw head size should be 5/16. Bracket P/N 17496 will remain attached to the body of the car.
5- You can now drop the wiper motor down enough to remove the control cable retainer. After the control cable is removed the wiper motor can be removed from under the dash.
Before removing the wiper motor review the article at www.ctci.org, Car Tech, Body/Suspension/ Steering, the third article from the bottom titled “How to Improve Windshield Wiper Function”.

Gil Baumgartner