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Preventing Paint Burn Off On the Intake Manifold

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Gil Baumgartner
CTCI Authenticity Chairman

Paint burn off at the intake center cross over has always been a problem on Ford Y block engines. This can be held to a minimum if heavy duty 292 truck intake gaskets are use. The trucks were never factory equipped with 312 engines, but starting in 1958 they did produce a heavy duty four barrel 292 engine, that used a similar four barrel intake manifold. Most truck four barrel intake manifolds were not drilled for a choke heat tube. A picture of the Heavy duty truck 292 intake manifold can be seen on page 277 of the restoration manual.

The 292 heavy duty four barrel truck intake gaskets are no longer available from FoMoCo, but they are available after market. They can be purchase at most automotive parts stores that sell Victor gaskets, P/N MS15116. The Truck gaskets have smaller holes that restrict heat transfer through the center of the intake manifold. The attached picture shows a truck gasket (top) and a standard 312 gasket with large hole (bottom).

The use of the truck gaskets coupled with good quality high temp engine paint can significantly reduce paint burn off.

Gil Baumgartner

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