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Mockingbird Run

Mockingbird Run #10 @ Chattanooga TN

Mockingbird Run, started by Perry Anthony 12 years ago, was all about the cars and people. We have not deviated much from this concept. Mockingbird X is our 10th anniversary and we want to recognize Perry for his vision.
MBR 9 was held in Tullahoma, Shelbyville, and Lynchburg…home of the Jack Daniels Distillery.
In Tullahoma we visited the Beachcraft Aircraft Museum, in Shelbyville we visited the historic downtown and the privately owned fire department training historic museum, and in Lynchburg we toured the distillery and had a wonderful catered dinner, and taste testing of all Jack Daniels products.
This years MBRX will be expanded by an extra day. The site this year is Chattanooga which was the site of MBRIII.
The event is all about the cars, the people and driving them. Organized driving events are planned for Friday and Saturday mornings with the afternoons free to drive more or just relax. No judging will take place at this event. (We do have an event with cardboard placed overnight under the cars and judge the “most artistic” the following day.) We will have an informal catered welcome dinner at the hotel, dinner on the Southern Belle and finally dinner in the Honest Charlies building among Corky Coker’s collection of motorcycles, cars and planes. Departure is planned for Sunday after breakfast.”
Planning of these events first requires a willing chairman and starts at least 8-10mos in advance with planning and contracting for arrangements for lodging, contacting local conventions and visitors centers, arranging for restaurant menus, and conducting pre-visits to plan drives and the overall agenda and timeline.
A key tasks in reservations and determining the attendance. Since it’s a Smoky Mountain Classic Club event, we first invite our members, then send notices to past attendees, and then other Birders who submit registration forms. We typically see attendance of about 120. Past MBR’s have had attendees from at least 7 surrounding states.