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Member Survey Completed

Great news, we have completed the first ever online member survey. We were lucky to have over 44% of all members with email addresses responding, and we have received a lot of good information. It is clear from the survey that our members really like our club and would overwhelmingly recommend it to their friends.

Over 90 percent of the respondents are satisfied, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not room for improvement.  About 85% plan to stay with us indefinitely.  That is the good news, and something we can build on. But, as expected, the survey did bring up many good recommendations that we can use to improve our club. One of those which we are actively working on is the scanning of all Early Birds to be placed on the CTCI web site.

Over the next few weeks the Board will be compiling and analyzing the survey responses, and we plan to address many of them at our October 9 Board Meeting.  We are committed to quickly implementing other ideas offered by the membership.  We will be publishing the survey results and our plans in the November-December issue of The Early Bird and on our web site. It is obvious from all of the survey respondents that our members overwhelmingly are excited about being part of CTCI.  It is our mission to improve and the Board is committed to that task.