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Highlights of Nov. 12 CTCI Video Board Meeting

Treasurers report: John Kledis reported that we made a little money (separate from the Investments) for the past 2 months and therefore we are very nearly at breakeven for the year.  We need to continue to attract new members if we are going to remain “in the black”.  The Board approved two additional items:

  • to reallocate the moving costs from general operating to a special “one-time” expense. This will permit us to clean up our CTCI books and thus allows us to make better year over year financial comparisons.
  • a resolution to enable our Classic Convention Productions “drop-down LLC” and open a bank account for our convention efforts.
  • Guest Debb Duff (our convention hotel planner) presented the hotel contract to the board. The Board approved the contract.   *NOTE:  more coming to the general membership on this with all of the 2022 Convention information.
  • The Board approved changes to the OP & P related to membership. Specifically, these changes include a new section 2.6 Members.  It details the members information privacy, communication, and responsibilities.    * NOTE:  The new OP & P change will be on the website within 7 days.   Please take the time to review those changes.
  • The Board approved establishing Facebook pages for each of the Regions. The Website committee was tasked to look at possible use of Google Groups.  All efforts intended to increase member involvement and connectivity.

The Board had discussions on several items pertaining to member awards and outreach. The membership is asked to forward ideas on the following items:

  • Executive Finance Committee will look into charities / scholarships related to CTCI that might benefit our membership
  • Paul Hudgens award candidates – Members are asked to submit candidates in January
  • The Ford Johnson Memorial Trophy has been chaired by Cathy Stubbs. Cathy is stepping down from that position.  The Board is looking for a member who is willing to take on the role.  Interested parties should contact President Brian Carron
  • `Looking for member input for the Hall of Fame Award. Please forward any (and all) ideas to Director-At-Large John Smith
  • Need chapters to step-up and agree to sponsor the next Regional Convention in 2023. This could be a judged and/or driving tour event. Interested chapters should contact President Brian Carron
  • Looking for chapters interested in sponsoring the next International Convention in 2024. Interested chapters will need to have their proposal completed so that it is ready for the Sept/Oct 2022 Board meeting.  Interested chapters should contact President Brian Carron.
  • President Brian Carron gave an update on the Newsletter contest. He stated that Newsletter Contest Chairman, Pocahontas Cole and the committee have received 14 newsletters to be judged.  The committee is in the process of evaluating and judging the newsletters and will be prepared to hand out awards in December 2021.   Also Brian reminded all of the chapters that it is already time to start thinking about entering next year’s newsletter contest it will be moved up so that the awards can be made at the 2022 Convention in San Antonio.
  • Plans are being discussed for a possible “in-person” board meeting (Jan-Feb 2022). President Brian Carron, led the discussion which included optional Zoom meeting, dates and possible locations (if agreed).
  • The Board approved dropping the 800 US inbound “toll free” service.   Since most of our members now have cell phones, calls into the CTCI office are free and thus the 800 service is no longer needed.   The savings to CTCI is over $700.00 per year.

The next board meeting is set for December 10, 2021

On Behalf of the Board,
Brian Carron, President