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Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting ~ May 14, 2021

  • *Investment Committee Chair – Gaylan Abood and President Brian Carron presented the Investment Committee proposal. The Investment Plan includes three parts:
    • ^Part 1 – Investment Plan Organizational Document – This is the cornerstone document which spells out how the investment LLC is managed and owned by CTCI
    • ^Part 2 – Investment Policy – The policy outlines the: purpose, investment objectives, guidelines, limits, and responsibilities;
    • ^Part 3 – CTCI Investment Plan Operating Procedures – Outlines the Responsibilities, Evaluation of Investment Manager and Reporting,
  • *Gaylan Abood also presented the Outline for the Request for Proposal (RFP) – This is the RFP which will be sent to the prospective investment managers. It will be returned to the Investment Committee and recommendations will be presented to the board for their approval.
  • *The Plan (all three parts) and the proposed RFP were approved by the board.
  • *Directors Sue Smith, Cathy Stubbs, and Darcy Knapp presented the website sub-committee report. This group completed the task of looking at every page in the website and identified items that needed correction (example:  broken links, incorrect addresses, incorrect chapter information). A plan is in place to address these issues.
  • *Garrett Shropshire presented the membership report. He reported that CTCI membership is currently at 4,226.  He also stated that we had 174 new members since the start of 2021.  The Test Drive program has converted 112 or 43.2% of “Test Drivers” to permanent members.
  • *Garrett Shropshire presented the Office Activity Report. The Office continues to work on renewals.  We added 35 new members in the month and merchandise sales continue to be strong (up from 2020).
  • *The following items were passed during “New Business”
    • ^Rich Martin has resigned as the ’56 Technical Advisor. Ron Trella has been appointed to fill the role.
    • ^Technical Support Committee has been established with Chris Ames as the Chairman
  • *President Brian Carron offered a special note of gratitude and thanks to Bob Witt. Brian presented to Bob a plaque In appreciation for all his years of service on the Board.
  • *Next Board Meeting is set for June 11, 2021On Behalf of the Board

Brian Carron,  CTCI President

Quick Reminder to all Members.   This Sunday, May 16th is Thunderbird Appreciation Day.   Don’t forget to take your T-Bird out for a spin.  Have Fun!!!!    Take some pictures and upload them to 2021 Virtual Convention https://www.cybirdspace.com .   Also if you get a group together,  please write up a quick article with a picture or two and send them to The Early Bird editor.