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Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting May 13, 2022

• Treasurers report: John Kledis reported that through March 2022, CTCI showed a Function loss of $6,286. Club equity remains strong. CTCI showed a slight Function profit for all of 2021; that amount was $2,282.

• 2022 Budget: John Kledis reported that the 2022 Budget had been completed. The budget shows a reduction in member dues and a reduction of Ad revenue from The Early Bird. With additional increases in material costs for paper and postage, the budget includes an additional $2,000 in costs. Leaving CTCI with an estimated Function loss of about $20,000.

• The budget showed increasing material costs and reduced membership rolls in 2022 and beyond. A motion was approved for the Executive-Finance Committee to review the current dues structure and make recommendations for 2023.

• Guest Gayland Abood (Chairman of the Investment Committee) presented the latest investment committee report and the associated report by Meritage (CTCI’s investment manager). The committee has recommended changing the language of the maximum amount of gains to match the United States Tax Code that regulates our club (501c7 – Non-Profit Clubs). The proposed language change was approved by the board.

• Brian Carron presented the 2022 International Convention Update. Brian reported that significant progress is being made in the planning process. The committee has firmed up most of the details. The Convention has some great events planned. Sponsors and supporters are stepping up for what we are planning as a memorable post-pandemic Convention. We appreciate and thank the chapters who have donated to support the Convention. Finally, we continue to encourage all members to register and book hotel rooms for the 2022 Convention. THIS IS YOUR CONVENTION. We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio.

• The Board approved the language for the proposed By-law regarding Article V: Board of Directors (paragraph d). This proposed By-law change (relating to tie elections) will be printed in the July-August issue of The Early Bird and will be voted on by all CTCI members during the general election in October.

• The OP & P review Committee completed their work reviewing the OP & P document. The Board has approved the new version. The new OP & P will be placed on the website for member and chapter use.

• John Kledis presented findings regarding Google Groups. The Board approved setting up a Google test group.

• The Philanthropic Committee presented their report on potential CTCI charitable donations, endowments, and scholarships. The Board approved the committee report and asked that it continue to work on creating a full proposal.

• Garrett Shropshire reported on membership renewals: Last year (12/31/2021), CTCI ended up with 4,722 active members. We closed April with 3,903 members, that calculates to 793 members pending renewal. We had 49 drop outs as of 4/30/2022. In addition we have fewer members dropping out for reasons other than “death” or “sold car”. This is a significant improvement over last year. Also, we continue to have members sign up for the 3 year option which demonstrates a strong commitment to CTCI

• Garrett also reported that through the end of May, CTCI has signed up 100 new members and have converted 16 of the 2021 test drivers. We again thank all of the Directors & Chapters for their continued support in bringing in new members. THANK YOU!!!

• The board discussed changing the next Board Meeting date. The July meeting will be moved one week to July 15.

The next board meeting is set for July 15, 2022.

On Behalf of the Board,
Brian Carron, President