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Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting July 15, 2022

• Welcome (again) to Chapter #67 Central Florida Classic Thunderbird Club. Following the procedures in the OP & P, the Board has approved the reactivation of this chapter located in The Villages, Florida. We are pleased and excited to have Chapter 67 along with its members rejoin CTCI. Many thanks go to Ralph Cowell for leading this reactivation effort.

• Treasurers report: John Kledis reported that through June 2022, CTCI showed a Function loss of $6,555. Club equity remains strong.

• 2022 Budget – 6 month view: John Kledis reported that the 2022 Budget for the first 6 months had been updated. Currently the estimated Function loss is budgeted about $18,000. John explained that the function loss was due to reduced membership rolls combined with increased printing costs for The Early Bird.

• The Board approved some language changes to the investment policy. As well as the language regarding the sale of the building. These changes were made to ensure that our sale and subsequent investments are correct and stay within Federal and State Tax Code. These changes will be reflected in the OP & P.

• Brian Carron presented the 2022 International Convention Update. Brian reported the website shows all of the current Sponsors, Donors, and Advertisers for the convention. Brian again thanked all of the Chapters who have already donated to the Convention and encouraged all chapters to participate and donate if possible. He also reported that we have the certificate of insurance for the event. In addition, he reported that there are two vendors who will provide Convention Logo items and “T”-shirts. The convention committee wanted to remind all of the members of the decision that CTCI or the Convention would not be directly involved with the sale of those items (nor involved in the financial transactions of them). Members are encouraged to purchase those “convention logo” items and all interactions would be between the member and the vendor. More information and links are provided on the CTCI Website and printed in The Early Bird.

• Brian also wanted to remind all members that there would be a CTCI Board Meeting and a General Membership meeting held during the Convention. For those interested, the dates and times of those meetings are published on the website and printed in The Early Bird. Finally, the committee wanted to encourage all members to register and book hotel rooms for the 2022 Convention. THIS IS YOUR CONVENTION. We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio.

• John Kledis presented results of the GOOGLE group. He said the group test was very successful. The Board approved the continued use of the GOOGLE group. All members are encouraged to read more about the GOOGLE group in The Early Bird. Members who wish to join should refer to the earlier Blast or the article in July – August issue of The Early Bird.

• Garrett Shropshire reported on membership renewals: Last year (12/31/2021) we ended up with 4,722 active members. We closed July with 4,137 members, that calculates to 585 members pending renewal. We had 64 drop outs as of 6/30/2022. This continues to be a significant improvement over last year, but we will continue to work to improve this number. We are continuing to have members sign up for the 3 year option which demonstrates a strong commitment to CTCI

• Garrett also reported that through the end of July, we already have signed up 150 new members and we have converted 16 of the 2021 test drivers. We again thank all of the Directors, Chapters, and individual members for their continued support in bringing in new members … THANK YOU!!!

• The Board wanted to remind all members that a Bylaw change election will be held at the same time as the regular – general election in October. The language for the proposed Bylaw regarding Article V: Board of Directors (paragraph d – relating to tie elections) has been printed in the July-August issue of The Early Bird.

The next board meeting is set for September 9, 2022.