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Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting January, 2022

  • The Board has filled all of the open positions:
  • Region 3:  Mike McLucas
  • Region 5:  Brian Carron
  • Region 6:  Jim Rodgers


  • The Board has elected all of the Officers for 2022:
  • President. . . . . . . . . . .Brian Carron
  • Vice President. . . . . . .Chuck Thompson
  • Treasurer. . . . . . . .. . . John Kledis
  • Secretary. . . . . . . .. . . .Bob Bly
  • Director Emeritus.  . . . .Ed Benson


  • Treasurers report: John Kledis reported that he is currently working on the end of the year reports. He did not see anything that would significantly change the year end from the last report.


  • Gaylan Abood, Investment Committee Chairman, presented the end of the year investment report.  The committee recommended moving the expired bond funds into an Fixed Income ETF. He reported that the entire investment is up 5.5% since inception. The board approved the committee’s recommendation and report.


  • John Smith presented the year end invoice committee report. During the year 102 invoices were sold. The original Ford invoices continues to be a foundation of the provenance of our classic Thunderbirds. The board approved the committee’s recommendation and report.


  • Brian Carron presented the 2022 International Convention Update. The Convention Pre-Registration Form has been completed. Pre-Registration has been set at $50.00. A form has been included in The Early Bird and will be added to the website.


  • Darcy Knapp outlined the changes that will be made to the Virtual Convention Website to continue the site into 2022.


  • The membership and individual chapters are reminded that the Board is looking for input and involvement in finding locations for the next regional and international conventions. The membership and chapters are asked to forward ideas on the following items:
  • Need chapters to step-up and agree to sponsor the next Regional Convention in 2023. This could be a judged and/or driving tour event.  Interested chapters should contact President Brian Carron.
  • Looking for chapters interested in sponsoring the next International Convention in 2024.  Interested chapters will need to have their proposal completed so that it is ready for the Sept/Oct 2022 Board meeting. Interested chapters should contact President Brian Carron.
  • Brian outlined the new 2022 Newsletter contest which will be awarded at the 2022 International Convention.
  • Brian also reminded chapters and individual members that we are looking for input and nominees for the various CTCI Awards which will be presented at the convention.


  • Garrett Shropshire gave an update on the Office Activity Report and membership numbers for the year.  Overall CTCI ended up 2021 with 4,577 paid active members.  That is only down 145 members from 2020. In addition, Garrett reported that we gained 443 new members during the year. He reported that our membership initiatives and strategies are working and that we signed up 148 test drivers during the year.


  • Several items of New Business were approved during the meeting:
  • Darcy Knapp outlined the need to upgrade the server that hosts our Website.
  • Mecum – CTCI Partnership to give a member benefit of reduced entrance fees to Mecum Auctions / Events.
  • Kerry Kravik was nominated to fill the open position Ford Johnson Award Chairman.
  • Brian Carron outlined all of the members for the various CTCI committees.
  • The date of the video Board meeting in November has been changed to November 18, 2022.


The next board meeting is set for March 11, 2022