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Highlights of CTCI Video Board Meeting 12/29/2022

CTCI Board Meeting Highlights

Out of Cycle Board Meeting – 12/29/2022

The CTCI Board held an “Out of Cycle” Board meeting that focused specifically on the outcomes of the 2022 International Concours Convention held in San Antonio, Texas. CTCI put this convention on for our members. This was a key member benefit and an investment for future conventions. The Board discussions focused on four specific areas: Overall member / participant impressions; Member Attendance; Financial Aspects; Key Lessons Learned

• Overall member / participant impressions: To date most of the comments from those attending the convention were positive. This was our first CTCI convention in the post-pandemic world and it was fun getting re-acquainted with many old friends and making new ones. All and all, the weather was great, the HOST chapters Houston Classic Thunderbird Club, Austin Thunderbird Owners, the San Antonio Classic Thunderbird Club and CTCI came together and worked long and hard. This convention gives us hope for the future because 50% of attendee’s were first timers and they will return for future conventions and renew their CTCI membership. The CTCI Board has commissioned a few surveys of attending members to help guide future convention planning efforts.

• Member Attendance: We had a good turnout but fewer CTCI members attended than we estimated based on historical convention data. Attendance was down from previous conventions over 20% (14% adjusted for current membership). It is unclear which if this attendance represents the “post COVID new normal” or attendance percentages will rise over time. Car entries were also down significantly from the original plan.

• Financial Aspects: The convention showed a financial loss, due to attendance and cancellations. The loss was handled by the Convention LLC. Convention expenses exceeded income in the areas of Hotel room nights, Food and Beverage and Operational support.

• Key Lessons Learned: A list key lessons learned are being generated that will benefit future host chapters.

The next board meeting is set for January 13, 2023.

Bylaw Election Results

The Bylaw election results were announced during the October Board Meeting in San Antonio. Unfortunately these results were not included in the October Board Highlights that were published in the Early Bird.

The Bylaw Election concluded on October 15, 2022. The item passed by a wide majority. Below are the results of the election:

Total Voting For Bylaw: 1,039
Total Voting Against Bylaw: 193
Percentage Voting For Bylaw: 84.33% or 1,039 out of 1,232

Election Participation Information:

Total Members eligible to vote: 4,213
Total Votes Cast 1,232
Percent voting: 29.24%

On Behalf of the Board,
Brian Carron, President