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Highlights of CTCI Board Video Conference October 8, 2021

  • John Kledis reported that for the past 2 months we have been at near breakeven. We need to continue to attract new members if we are going to remain “in the black”.


  • The Board Certified the CTCI Board of Directors Election. The Election was observed by Chairman Emeritus Bob Witt and Director-At-Large John Smith.  The Election Results are as follows:


Director-At-Large:  Chuck Thompson – ELECTED

4268          Number of Ballots sent out

1353          Number of Ballots returned for a percentage of: 31.7%

721          Number of votes for Chuck Thompson; a percentage of: 53.3%

595          Number of votes for Ross Woodman; a percentage of: 44.0%


Region 1:  Darcy Knapp – ELECTED

674            Number of Ballots sent out

234            Number of Ballots returned for a percentage of: 34.7%

122            Number of votes for Darcy Knapp; a percentage of: 52.1%

112            Number of votes for Liz Robinson; a percentage of: 47.9%


Region 3:  Cathy Stubbs – ELECTED

706            Number of Ballots sent out

305            Number of Ballots returned for a percentage of: 43.2%

241            Number of votes for Cathy Stubbs; for a percentage of: 79.0%

64            Number of votes for Ed Benson; for a percentage of: 21.0%


  • In Region 5 we had a very unusual situation in that there was a tie and thus neither candidate was elected.


Region 5:  Brian Carron & Steve Clouser – Tied; Neither ELECTED

640            Number of Ballots sent out

236            Number of Ballots returned for a percentage of: 36.9%

118            Number of votes for Brian Carron; a percentage of: 50.0%

118            Number of votes for Steve Clouser; a percentage of: 50.0%


  • Following the CTCI By-Laws, the Wyoming Non-Profit Corporate laws, and Roberts Rules of Order, the Board passed a Motion that declared Region 5 as vacant effective 1/1/2022. The Board then passed a Motion, in accordance with CTCI By-Laws Article 5 para 3, that the Board could appoint a director to fill the vacant Region 5 Director position.  The Board voted to fill the position with Brian Carron.
  • President Brian Carron reported that the Website Active Management RFP was closed. There were 4 total respondents.  One of those did not meet the criteria of the RFP while the other three are finalist.  After CTCI receives back an amended request, a single vendor will be chosen.
  • The Board passed a Motion to accept the written recommendation of the CTCI Convention Steering Committee.  The 2022 Convention will be held in the Fall of 2022.
  • Garrett Shropshire reported that the CTCI File Portal has been purchased and the office is in the process of loading all of the current files. Several members of Technical Advisors, CTCI Technical Committee, and The Early Bird Committee will have initial access to the Portal.  The CTCI File Portal will hold all of the electronic files, technical articles, pictures, videos, etc. of CTCI.
  • Garrett Shropshire presented a draft of membership rules to be added to the OP&P. These will be reviewed at the next Board meeting.


The next board meeting is set for November 12, 2021


On Behalf of the Board,

Brian Carron, President