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Switch Accessory Overload

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The ignition switch on all 1955/56/57 Thunderbirds have a threaded post designed to accommodate standard accessories, radio, heater blower motor and the control circuits for the power windows and power seats. Added accessories such as air condition, cooling fans, fuel pumps, electric wipers and other accessories can add a tremendous load on the switch causing early failure.

Photo # 1 shows an ATC & ATO fuse panel that can be added to accommodate the extra electrical load created by added accessories. The panel can be purchased from www.delcitywire.com part number 70165, current cost $12.57 plus shipping. It provides six addition accessory circuits rated up to 30 amps max per branch (160 amps maximum for each panel).

Photo # 2 shows the panel easily and conveniently mounted under the dash, left side on the existing air duct deflector. The power source is the yellow wire leading through the existing wiring grommet to the starter solenoid.

Photo # 1
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Photo # 2
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Photo # 3 shows a 10 gauge wire (minimum size for this application) approximately 20 inches long made up for this application. A yellow wire was used which blends into the original wiring configuration.

Photo # 4 shows the 10 gauge wire connected and well hidden behind original wiring connections to the voltage side of the starter delay. This connection is a direct connection to the positive side of the battery providing continuous voltage to the added fuse panel shown in photo # 1. If desired a switch controlled relay can also be added to provide on/off voltage control for the added C/B panel.

Photo # 3
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Photo # 4
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Gil Baumgartner

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