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CTCI International Convention Canceled

CTCI International Convention – Canceled


The following message is from the Trail Birds of Southwest Florida:

“It is with sincere regret that the Trail Birds of Southwest Florida, LLC (Trail Birds) must give notice to you and the CTCI Board of Directors that after months of discussion and deliberation the Trail Birds Board of Directors and its Convention Planning Team have come to the difficult conclusion that we must cancel the previously rescheduled 2020 convention. The health and safety of our fellow CTCI members is far too valuable for Trail Birds to host an event of 400-500 people in the foreseeable future.  When the Trail Birds and CTCI initially rescheduled the 2020 convention for April 2021, everyone thought the pandemic would pass within a few months and life would resume to normal. Unfortunately, things have not gone as planned.”

The CTCI Board of Directors, along with membership, thanks the Trail Birds for all of their hard work and efforts to plan the Convention both for 2020 and 2021.   Unfortunately for all, COVID has impacted this event as it has impacted other events and tours that we have been trying to offer to the membership.

The CTCI Board and Convention Planning Team will be working to come up with alternate plans and dates for Regional Events and Conventions as the COVID restrictions start to lessen.

CTCI Board of Directors
Bob Witt