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Chapter 46

Big ‘D’ Little Birds – Dallas, Texas Area

The Big ‘D’ Little Birds Classic Thunderbird Club was formed in 1972. We are a chartered chapter, number 46, of Classic Thunderbird Club International. As such, we are governed by a constitution and by-laws. The stated purpose of the club is the appreciation, preservation, restoration, proper use, maintenance, and enjoyment of the 1955, 1956, and 1957 Classic Thunderbirds. This is accomplished through the CTCI magazine, our club’s monthly newsletter, weekly breakfasts, monthly business meetings, and a wide variety of club outings. Club membership is available to owners and enthusiasts of the Classic Thunderbird.

The Big ‘D’ Little Birds meet every Saturday morning at 8:45 am at Southern Recipes’ Grill located at 621 W. Plano Pkwy., Plano TX. Membership consists of 121 families. The Big ‘D’ Little Birds hosted the Classic Thunderbird Club International Conventions in 1978, 1988 and 1998. Many members are actively involved in CTCI concours judging and attend the regional and international conventions displaying and showing their classic Thunderbirds.

For more information on the Big ‘D’ club, Contact: Matt Howell, 103 N. Waterview Dr., Richardson, TX 75080, or call him at 214-796-0210. 

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