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Chapter 109

Sequoia Classic Thunderbird Club

In the summer of 1990 a group of friends from the Kings and Tulare County area who had enjoyed many outings and weekends together focused on the possibilities of starting a local Thunderbird Club. A mailing was made to all known owners of 55, 56, 57, Thunderbird owners in the two counties, and an organizational meeting was held on December 7, 1990. Those unable to attend and those present expressed great interest and officers were elected at this meeting.

CTCI was contacted seeking information and guidelines regarding a charter, and at the CTCI Board of Directors meeting on February 6, 1993 the board members voted to accept Sequoia Classic Thunderbird Club as their newest member with charter number 109. Our charter was presented to us at the Southwest Regional at Irvine in June of 1993.

Our membership has doubled in eight years and we still have twenty active SCTC charter members. We publish a successful monthly news letter with mailings to other clubs in Regions 3 and 6. SCTC is a very active club with activities taking us to far away places like Mexico and Alaska. Several members drive to all CTCI Nationals and most of the local Regionals. On the local level we have driven around California many times. In 1998 we had a Sequoia Interstate Tour of almost 2100 miles in ten days. We have a Caribbean Cruise set for January 2000, and Panama Cruise planned for 2002 with many activities to fill in between.

Sequoia Classic Thunderbird Club and our little birds have been the cause of us meeting many fine people and seeing many things that would not of happened without either. We have great members who actively plan and support our fun outings and meeting places. It is always exciting to go to the next meeting to find where life and SCTC is going to take us.

Our regular meeting date is the second Thursday of the odd month at 6:00 PM. Additional information may be obtained by calling or FAX, Lillie Armistead at 559-439-2071.