Olympic Classic Thunderbird Club

The Olympic Classic Thunderbird Club is one of the original 6 T-Bird clubs that formed CTCI and holds the position of #1 chapter of CTCI. The club is a very active group, traveling extensively. We put on the first regional convention in our region in 1977.

Our club for many years has had the most T-Birds driven the furthest to the international and regional conventions, members acquiring many trophies for the same. We are primarily a social group, and have our outings usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month. These are an event of some kind, museums tours etc. We have 3 day over nighters at least twice a year not including conventions. We have a business meeting in January to elect officers and one in November to plan the next year’s events.

Our members are mainly from the Puget Sound area. One of our over-nighters each year is in eastern Washington for some members in that area. We have a close relationship with our friends from the British Columbia area of Canada.

For more information contact Cathy Stubbs via email, or visit our Web Site at www.olympicclassictbirds.com.

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