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Carburetor Base Gaskets

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Gil Baumgartner
CTCI Authenticity Chairman

The following information corrects previous available data regarding the carburetor to intake manifold gaskets.

Research reveals that the 1955 Thunderbirds had a stack of five thick gaskets stapled together. The four center holes were 1.38” in diameter. The four bolt holes were .34” in diameter. The FoMoCo part number was B5S 9447- A.

The 1956 Thunderbird had one carburetor gasket made from heavy paper material. The FoMoCo part number was B6A 9447-A. The originals when ordered by a Ford dealer for FoMoCo came 10 in a package.

The 1957 Thunderbird had two heavy paper gaskets part number B7A 9447-B, one for each side of the spacer block. The spacer block was made from dark brown composite material approximately 7/16″ thick.

The 1957 E model gaskets consisted of two B6A 9447-A and a 1/8″ aluminum spacer plate for each carburetor.


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