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Candidates for CTCI Board of Directors

Region 1 Director

Darcy Knapp

Darcy Knapp, History:
We started with our first basket T-Bird in 1990 and could not find help or support. We actually met members of the local chapter and they told us there was no club. We were ‘unwelcome’ due to our age. We were frustrated (bordering on devastated) and sold our T-Bird.

Fast forward two years later (1992) we were at those same people’s home for the Chapter spring meeting (we had bought another basket bird by then – all that we could afford). At that meeting we were introduced to CTCI (only via the Early Bird magazine which was on the coffee table – the members did not promote) and we joined immediately.

I acted as Chapter #57 Secretary along the way (and now again) and in 2003 I chaired the Crusin’ The Catskills Regional Convention. I understand what it takes to put on a successful event and how to address challenges. I currently chair 3 regional job fairs in the Albany NY market annually.

After 30 years and now owning a handful of Thunderbirds, we understand the challenges facing local Chapters and CTCI with trying to grow membership and attract younger members (very personal experience). We own a 2002 Retro Bird and are always in the middle of a restoration (55 resto-mod & 57 basket-bird at the moment) and know first hand the challenges of bringing a bird back to roadworthiness.

What I bring to the table:

  • *Extensive knowledge and 30 years’ experience owning 55-57 Thunderbirds
  • *A love of all Thunderbirds, including Square Birds, Flare Birds, Big Birds, Modern & Retro birds.
  • *Interior and Exterior Concours Judging Experience at 5 Conventions
  • *Convention Experience Charing/Executing a Successful Regional Event
  • *Forward Momentum: Initiating the 2020 Test Drive, 2021 Cyber Convention, Website Upgrades
  • *Exception Web Skills and Digital Marketing Experience which can help CTCI and future events grow
  • *Actively promote CTCI to all our Chapter member and non-members
  • *Facebook Manager of Region 1 & CTCI Pages (Assistant Page Manager to Region 4)

I support Retro-bird inclusion and our Chapter (like most) welcomes the 2002-2005 Thunderbirds with open arms. If you want to grow you have to shift to meet your members’ needs. Many of our older members have added retros (and/or replaced baby birds) for the reliability and comfort of a newer car.

If you are looking for a board member with new ideas and the ability to grow the organization through all direct and online media channels, that would be me. I get things done. I am not afraid to stand up against those that would keep this organization from evolving.

Thank you,
Darcy Knapp, Director Region 1, #27220
NY Early Birds Chapter #57
Phone (518) 872-1707  darcy@darcyknapp.com


Liz Robinson

My name is Liz Robinson and I am a candidate for Director of Region 1.  Despite being a new face on the Board, I have been in the background of CTCI for many years.  My children grew up attending CTCI conventions throughout the country, something I believe we should continue to sponsor.    Now that I am retired I would like to give back to the organization that gave my family a reason to travel the United States and the opportunity to forge life-long friendships.

As a regional director, one of my roles is to support the chapters in region 1.  I will offer open communication between myself, the chapters, and the Board of Directors, passing member concerns and suggestions to the Board.

The recent CTCI survey discovered many members desire more tech support.  I will work with the Board to offer tech support in various formats to club members and brainstorm ways to educate our younger members.

The Board has also been concerned with declining membership.  Based on the results of Haggerty’s 2020 survey, “Why Driving Matters”, I believe we need to focus on making CTCI a family organization.  Though this will not immediately swell our ranks, down the road our children and/or grandchildren will develop an interest in the cars and perpetuate the club.

I am hopeful through productive discourse the new Board of Directors will work in a spirit of co-operation to provide fresh ideas while maintaining the solid principles CTCI was founded on moving forward.  To quote Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.”

Please vote in November and consider casting your vote for me, Liz Robinson.  Thank you.

Liz Robinson, #03171
Classic Thunderbirds of New England

Region 3 Director

Cathy Stubbs

As Director of Region 3, I want to thank all of you for the honor and privilege of serving in this position for the past two years.  I am asking you for the consideration of your vote, so that I may continue to serve as your director for a second and final term.

I became the caretaker of a 1956 Thunderbird in 1972 and married into my Thunderbird family that same year.  At that time, we eagerly read our EarlyBird magazines, to learn all we could about 1955-57 Thunderbirds, and after reading about the many fun experiences with chapters, sponsored events, and travel, we joined our local chapter.  Through our CTCI membership, we have traveled in our little birds across North America attending regional and international events.  At these events we have made many life-long friendships and visited many places we would probably not have experienced otherwise.

The CTCI board has many ongoing responsibilities and challenges including fiscal and financial, membership retention and growth, event planning, and transparent and two-way communications with our membership.  As the board plans its vision, mission, goal, and strategies for the future they should be looking to the younger caretakes of our Birds.  They are the future of CTCI.  Many of us “grew-up” as adults in CTCI and raised our families in CTCI by taking them traveling to events and encouraging them to participate in the offered activities including tour, onsite fun events, and judging.  The CTCI board with the help of our members, needs to take a hard look at what drew the young members to CTCI in the past, and listen to suggestions from our future members as to what we can do to make this wonderful organization attractive and thriving again.

I look forward to continuing as your Region 3 representative.

Cathy Stubbs, CTCI #5063
Newcastle, WA, Phone:  425-228-1012
E-mail:  cfstubbs@msn.com

Ed Benson

I’m Ed Benson, CTCI Vice President and Director-at-Large. I have also been President of the Bay Area Thunderbird Owners Club for two years and organized numerous events and activities. Additionally, I am an experienced leader of non- profit organizations.

Many of you might recognize my name as I have been relatively outspoken on the subject of taking a planned approach and making our Modern Classic Thunderbird owners full members of our club. When elected I will continue those efforts and work diligently until they are accomplished through a membership-voted Bylaw change.

In addition to the Modern Classic full membership issue, in the last year I have accomplished the following:

  • *Current CTCI Vice President and member of our Executive Committee
  • *Conducted the first ever CTCI member survey that provided clear member input to our leaders
  • *Working closely with our President and current Board members developed our recently announced Board purpose, CTCI Mission and Vision, and the soon to be announced CTCI strategy and 2021/2022 operating plan – which will guide our direction and the associated expenditure of funds from the sale of our former headquarters

Our club faces several challenges that I will work closely to overcome with our Region 3 members, Chapter leaders and Board:

  • *Build on our currently improving member communications
  • *Increase Chapters and membership
  • *Improve our already superior technical support
  • *Increase opportunities for our members to join in Chapter and Regional fun and technical events
  • *Through Virtual Chapters, draw our Region 3 non- Chapter members into smaller, more local gatherings where they can enjoy the Thunderbird owner camaraderie currently enjoyed by those who belong to Chapters.

I will be honored to represent Region 3 and work diligently to improve CTCI and our Region.

Ed Benson, CTCI Vice President and Director-at-Large, CTCI#7170

Ph: (925) 943-7011  ebensonbwa@aol.com

Region 5 Director

Brian Carron

My name is Brian Carron. I am a candidate for re-election as Region 5 Director. I’ve served Region 5 since 2020, and in 2021 was elected CTCI President. I am a member in good standing in each of the 11 chapters in Region 5. Thunderbirds are my passion. I own three: ’56, ’02 and ’68.

As your Region 5 Director and President, I’ve worked hard on your behalf by:

  • *Increasing Board transparency with monthly highlights and a “one face, one voice” communication policy ensuring members receive the latest most accurate information from your Board.
  • *Authoring the member approved inclusive definition of membership.
  • *Appointing non-board members to committees.
  • *Answering every member phone call, email and letter sent to me.
  • *Developing the plan to safely move your assets from California to Missouri including our prized ’55-’57 Invoices.
  • *Traveling twice to California to conduct the yearly inventory and arranging the move and loading of your assets.
  • *Developing an investment plan/procedures, coordinating with our investment committee, setting the course for investment of building sale funds.

A lot has been accomplished but there is more work to do:

  • *Increasing membership rolls.
  • *Improving management of our Website.
  • *Completing the update of our Concours.
  • *Re-starting convention planning, begun in 2020 but halted due to COVID, for needed Regional/ International events in 2022.

I have 43 years of military and commercial business experience and retired as a Colonel in the United States Air Force with 26 years of service. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Marilyn, and will soon celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

My life/career experiences, and love of the Thunderbird, are the foundation for submitting my Region 5 candidacy. I would be honored to continue working for you and would greatly appreciate your vote!

Brian Carron, CTCI President and Region 5 Director, CTCI#37230

Ph: (210) 497-0345  briancarron68.dir.reg5@gmail.com

Steve Clouser

My name is Steve Clouser and I have been asked to seek the Region 5 Director post. I have been a member of CTCI and Tulsa Classic Thunderbird Club since 2013, shortly after purchasing an original, unrestored 1957 Thunderbird. At the 2014 Springfield convention, I was surprised by awards for Original Unrestored and Hood’s Up Touring Subclass A. More importantly, I enjoyed the travel by Thunderbird, meeting other owners, seeing a variety of cars and learning more about the cars. I believe many of us have a real desire to continue learning about our cars and their stories.

My TCTC, professional, charitable and community experiences include organizing, scheduling and presenting events, hosting programs, determining grants, budgeting, recruiting members, fundraising, and debating and deciding a variety of issues.

These experiences have taught me to remain cautious when confronted with ideas for change, fully consider what really does require action and what action is appropriate, and exercise judgment before delegating authority and duties.

The purpose of CTCI goes beyond preserving classic Thunderbirds and their history, and includes supporting owners and sharing appreciation of these cars with all generations of the public.

I would appreciate your vote. Thanks.

Steve Clouser , CTCI #36693

Director at Large

Chuck Thompson

My name is Chuck Thompson.  I am a member of the Arizona Classic Thunderbird Club (Chapter #35).  I am asking for your vote as Director at Large.

I have experience with CTCI having served on the CTCI Board for two terms as Director for Region 6 from 2015 through 2018.  During that time, I held the position of President and Vice President.

My involvement with Thunderbirds and the Arizona Classic Thunderbird club began 19 years ago when my wife Judy and I purchased our first 1957 Thunderbird.  Since joining ACTC, I have been an active member holding the position of President twice, Vice President once and serving as the Club’s CTCI representative several times.  I have chaired many ACTC Club activities, most recently serving as the event chairman for the CTCI 2019 Flagstaff Convention.

Prior to retiring, I was the Chief Executive Officer for the Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation.  Before Hopi, I was a Business Consultant in the greater Phoenix area.  The majority of my business career was spent in the New York area where I held senior management positions with a number of European based, luxury consumer products companies.  My last position, which I held for over 14 years, was CEO of the US division of the Denby Pottery Company.

Last April, my wife Judy and I celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary.  We have three wonderful children who have married equally wonderful people and blessed us with seven grandchildren.

I am confident that my past business experience and club experience with both CTCI and ACTC will qualify me to handle the position of CTCI Director-at-Large. I would appreciate your vote and if elected will do my best to again serve CTCI.

Chuck Thompson, CTCI #33133
Mesa, Arizona
Phone: (480) 773-0222
E Mail: cthompson57@cox.net

Ross Woodman

My life adventures with the 1955-57 Thunderbirds began on a 1965 winter, stormy, snowy night while driving a 1956 Chevy in Anchorage, Alaska… My first T-Bird in Alaska was a 1955. Through the years I have owned a number of Thunderbirds. Currently I own a 1956 and two 1957’s. My son, Keith, owns a 1965 Thunderbird convertible, it is a family affair.

Today I am excited to announce my candidacy for director at large. I have been a member of CTCI since 1966 and attended my first convention in 1968 at Tulsa. I have continued to attend conventions as often as I am able, have attained the level of Master judge III and been involved with helping conduct three conventions.

I am running for the director at large position because I believe in the foundations of CTCI as a great car club and a family organization. I would like to be involved in creating fun car events, improving member communication, looking for ways to retain members and gain new members. I look forward to developing ways for CTCI to use its resources to benefit the individual membership, develop chapters and build for the future.

Our club, like others, is facing challenging times. It is important to be forward thinking, however, we should not forget our past but rather gain from the combined experience of our past to help guide us forward to the future.

During my early Thunderbird years, I was an active member of the Anchorage Thunderbird Club. Since retiring as a Sr. Captain from a 35-year career in the fires service I have been active with the Sacramento Thunderbird Club for 27 years.

I would appreciate your support and look forward to communicating with all our Thunderbird friends across the country and around the world.

Ross Woodman, CTCI #673