Classic Thunderbird Club International

About CTCI

CTCI has approximately 5,500 members and 118 chartered chapters representing 23 countries of the world and all 50 States of the United States. CTCI is now the International vision of founder Vic Take, more than 50 years ago. Our EarlyBird publication, which began as a newsletter, graduated to a magazine format in 1969, added a color cover in 1975, color internal pages in 2006, and has grown to about 64 pages per issue. It is currently published 6 times per year, and is still the single best printed source for restoration knowledge, maintenance tips, historical data, parts and cars, plus news from around the world about our members, past and upcoming T-Bird events.

To enhance the information available through the EarlyBird, CTCI entered into the age of the internet in 1998 with the introduction of its first web site. This website continued to improve and evolve over the years providing members with a searchable technical article index, an online shopping cart for the club store, and Gil's Garage - a collection of tech tips and articles. In 2010 an all new web site was introduced with a new look and feel, but with much of the content from the original site along with News and Events pages to keep visitors up to date on Thunderbird events and club news. The new site also offers each of the local chapters an opportunity to have an informational page about their club along with a link to the chapter's website,if available.

CTCI has reprinted and made available to members over 34 different technical and shop manuals, decals, owners' handbooks, and sales brochures that would otherwise be obsolete. CTCI has kept a close liaison with Ford Motor Company and other automotive parts manufacturers through the years, helping to keep parts and other consumables available for our little 'Birds. The best news is that although CTCI has grown into a large organization, our annual dues (including our magazine subscription) are still kept low due to the wise and efficient management of our CTCI Directors, Officers and Staff.

CTCI holds its annual Board of Directors Meeting within the first six weeks of the year at the CTCI headquarters office in Signal Hill, CA. The General Membership is held in the even numbered years in conjunction with that years CTCI International Event.

There are sanctioned CTCI conventions hosted by various chapters every year. As mentioned above, the CTCI Internation Event is held in the even numbered year in different locations across North America. There can be sanctioned Regional Conventions in each of the six regions in the odd numbered years. The locations of these events will vary from year to year depending on the location chosen by the hosting chapter. All sanctioned CTCI conventions offer Concours judging events which offer members the opportunity to have their T-Birds judged in classes which include orignal, non-orignial, un-restored and touring. For those not wishing to have their cars judged, CTCI also offers a display only class.

Our Purpose

CTCI's purpose is:

To operate and maintain an organization to encourage and promote the admiration and ownership, care and maintenance, with safe and courteous operation, of the "Classic Thunderbird", defined as a two-passenger 1955, 1956, and 1957 Ford Thunderbird automobile.

To serve as a medium of exchange of ideas, information and parts for admirers and owners of the Classic Thunderbird to aid them in restoring and preserving these automobiles in their original likeness.

To unite in an international organization all admirers and owners of Classic Thunderbirds who are interested in restoring and maintaining their automobiles in a manner that will promote admiration and respect within the community.

To provide an international organization as a basis for local social clubs by the promotion of active Chapter organizations for club members to meet, socialize and maintain the spirit of good fellowship, and to participate in activities including the use of their Classic Thunderbirds.

To further the interests of owners and drivers of Classic Thunderbirds and to promote the safety and enjoyment of motoring in all phases. To engage in any other activity related to that described above from time to time authorized or approved by the Board of Directors or members of this corporation.

Last modified: October 17 2016